Grid Ceiling


Size: 2*2 feet = (4 feet)  Rs.840 /-

Size: 2*4 feet= (8 feet)  Rs.1680/-

 Price: (Per Title)

Note: For any Customized Size’s and Design Send your Details to [email protected] or

Please what’s up ( +91 8904031975 / 74 )

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Grid Ceiling Tiles

Gone are the days where Grid False Ceiling would be of Plain White. Spacewell brings Designer Grid Ceiling Tiles, which are completely innovative, and can be Customized to once needs and purposes.

A dropped ceiling is a secondary ceiling, hung below the main (structural) ceiling. It may also be referred to as a drop ceiling, T—bar ceiling, false ceiling, suspended ceiling, grid ceiling, drop in ceiling, drop out ceiling, or ceiling tiles and is a staple of modern construction and  architecture in both residential and commercial applications.

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